DCTS Publishing

DCTS Publishing is the publishing ministry of Pastor Dennis Stephen Hamilton. The acronym "DCTS" stands for "Discover Christ Totally Saves."   This is the mission and purpose of the company: TO ENRICH THE MIND,   ENCOURAGE THE HEART,   and   EMPOWER THE SPIRIT.   To share Christ with others so that they, too, can come into a saving knowledge of Him.

I was asked to be the interim pastor for a church in California. It was during that time I choose to focus the Bible study on praise, because “When praise goes up, blessing comes down.”

The people were very interested and excited about the subject matter. Consequently, I created a significant amount of material over the months that followed. This material gave birth to my first book, Turning Praise into Power – A Biblical Approach to Praise, and the founding of DCTS Publishing Company. My goal is to also help others become published authors.

My books emphasize the redemptive power of faith in Jesus in an upbeat, conversational style. These books also reflect the good news I have found. It is my desire to tell others that Jesus can make a dynamic and demonstrative difference in people’s lives. “I want people to know Jesus is the answer for the world today.”

Whatever problems confront us, He is able to solve them. If we receive Christ and cultivate His spirit with us and live for Him, we can have victorious lives.